Celebrating the 500th anniversary
of Alciato’s first manuscript of
Emblematum Liber


In 1986, Daniel Russell and Peter M. Daly edited the first issue of Emblematica: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Emblem Studies, published by AMS Press (New York). The journal quickly became the most important venue for scholars in the field of emblem studies, with the continuous support of an authoritative editorial board. Twenty one volumes were published until 2017, when AMS Press closed.

Amid uncertainties about the future of the journal, Mara Wade, the last Editor in Chief of Emblematica: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Emblem Studies moved operations to its new home at Droz in 2018, to continue the publication under a new title, Emblematica: Essays in Word and Image.

Andrea Alciato, Emblematum Liber, 1534

Good fortune attendant on virtue

The caduceus, with entwined snakes and twin wings, stands upright between the horns of Amalthea. It thus indicates how material wealth blesses men of powerful intellect, skilled in speaking.


Emblematica is a double blind peer-reviewed academic journal, published annually in English. It publishes original articles, essays, and specialized bibliographies in all areas of emblem studies. In addition, it regularly contains review articles, reviews, research reports (including work in progress, theses, conference reports and completed theses), notes and queries, notices of forthcoming conferences and publications, and various types of documentation.

In this website, you will can search through Emblematica, acquire individual volumes and understand the journal’s editorial process. You will also find instructions on how to submit new contributions or contact the editors.

Editorial Board

Pedro Germano Leal — John Carter Brown Library
Tamar Cholcman — Tel Aviv University
Editors in Chief

Mara R. Wade — University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Simon McKeown — Marlborough College
Associate Editors

Elizabeth Black — Old Dominion University
Reviews Editor

Tamar Abramson — Tel Aviv University
Alicja Bielak — Polish Academy of Sciences
Editorial Assistants


Peter M. Daly
Daniel Russell
Founding Editors

Michael Bath
David Graham
John Manning
Editors Emeriti

Advisory Board

Tatiana Artemyeva — Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
Paulette Choné — Université de Bourgogne
John Cull — University of Virginia’s College at Wise
Agnès Guiderdoni — Université Catholique de Louvain
Valérie Hayaert — Universität Bonn
Hiroaki Ito — Senshu University
Donato Mansueto — Università di Bari
Jean-Michel Massing — University of Cambridge
Stephen Rawles — University of Glasgow
Mary Silcox — McMaster University
Arnoud Visser — Universiteit Leiden


Agnes Sherman, Alan Young, August Buck,
Barbara C. Bowen, Bernhard F. Scholz, Claudie Balavoine,
Denis L. Drysdall, Dietmar Peil, Egon Verheyen,
Florence Vuilleumier Laurens, J. B. Trapp, Jan Bialostocki,
John M. Steadman, John Rupert Martin, Karel Porteman,
Karl Josef Höltgen, Lubomír Konečný, Pedro F. Campa,
Sabine Mödersheim, Thomas P. Roche Jr,
Virginia W. Callahan, Wolfgang Harms
Emeriti Members

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